The Future Leaders Academy was established in 2013 with the vision of providing young Muslims living in western society with a broad and balanced Islamic education and developing them into future leaders with a confident Islamic identity who can bring a positive change in society.

The school focuses on 4 areas of educational achievement. These are:

  • Quranic recitation and memorisation.
  • Arabic as a language of Quran as well as a spoken language.
  • Life Skills (Islamic knowledge put into modern practice.)
  • Islamic Studies including:
    • Aqidah, the core tenets of Islam.
    • Fiqh, an understanding of Islamic law.
    • Seerah, the life and story of the Prophet Muhammad.
    • Other topics as needed.

The school started with an intake of only eight pupils and has now grown to provide top-quality Islamic education to over one hundred pupils.

Despite this, our class teacher-to-child ratios are kept small. This enables each child to be known well by the teacher and support a more constructive learning environment.

Pupils are encouraged to learn, and show, respect when at FLA. This includes respect to Allah, respect to themselves, respect to others, and respect to their environment. Respectful behavior allows the school to maintain a positive learning environment where children can grow to their full potential.