Future Leaders Academy welcomes applications from all children up to the age of 16 years old. We provide a fair and equal opportunity to all applicants who fulfil the admission requirements, dependent upon space availability.
The school receives a large volume of application forms so parents should be aware that places are not guaranteed and are on the basis of your child’s entrance assessment results and an informal meeting with our Head Teacher.
The assessment test allows is to assess the child’s level of Quranic memorisation and Arabic reading skills. The reason for this is children are placed in our stages according to these abilities – not according to their age. Pre-FLA does not have any prerequisites as on completion it provides the foundation levels required to allow pupils to start Stage 1. Children wishing to enter directly into stage 1 do not need to have attended Pre-FLA, but the basic entry requirements still need to be met.
Providing the pupil achieves the required standard in the entrance assessment, the main restriction we place on entry is that of number. The standard number of our class size is 15. If the number of pupils applying for entry exceeds the places available then children will be placed upon our waiting list for when a vacancy is available.
The new Stage 1 assessment takes place at the end of the academic year (June), before the summer break. Assessments for other stages may take place at any time, but allocation of spaces is always dependant on the number of pupils in the stage.
In the case where the applicant has been successful in the admission procedure but there is no space in the relevant stage, we can offer a space in FLA Weekend School.