FLA Advanced (12-15y old; days and hours depend on the choice)

Arabic (4h/week): preparation for GCSE Arabic exam

Quran (8-10h/week): complete 3-year FLA Hifdh programme

Islamic Studies (4h/week): preparation for GCSE Islamic Studies exam

Volunteering with YYI

FLA apprentices; 2h / week (paid role); Min age 14y

The main objective of FLA Advanced is to offer our ex-S7 pupils (and other same-aged chidlren) who have graduated from primary school and are finding it hard to keep up with Mo-Fr 4-6pm Islamic school routine, an oportunity to keep on learning with us by choosing the subjects they would like to have a deeper knowledge in. They may choose to do just GCSE Arabic or just GCSE IS or both or choose to continue with Hifdh challenge.

We also offer a possibility to our youth to volunteer in our younger classes and are running a popular FLA apprentice program for the ones who would like to learn how to become a teacher in the future.