S1-S7 (5-12y old; Mo-Fr 4-6pm)

Arabic: reading, writing, speaking in Fusha; learning the vocabulary that makes up 50% of the words in the Holy Quran; Islamic expressions and year-to-year building on the following subjects until pre-GCSE Arabic level: About Me, My Family, My Job, At Home, My Hobbies, What Does He Look Like?, My Town, At School, Transport, Clothes and Food.

Quran: recitation with the proper Makharij; Tajweed rules and applying them; memorization of minimum Juzz Amma, Juz 29, Juz 28 + Surahs Yasin, Sajda and Rahman.

Islamic Studies: complete S1-7 of the FLA Islamic Studies Curriculum (year-to-year building on the following subjects: Who Am I?, 99 Names of Allah, Pillars of Iman, Pillars of Islam, Everyday Duas and Adhkar, Seerah, Prophet Stories, Islamic Akhlaq and Adab, Islamic History, Modesty and other Fiqh issues, Islam and Contemporary Issues).

Life Skills: complete S1-7 of the FLA Life Skills Curriculum, which is specially designed to help our pupils apply Islam in their everyday lives and is divided into 4 main topics: 1) Health and Wellbeing (healthy eating, anti-bullying, self-defence, healthy cooking); 2) Charity (learning all about charity in Islam and participating in many charitable projects); 3) Earth Friendly Life (consumption, energy efficiency, up-cycling, growing organic); 4) Confidence (swimming, cycling (up to Level 3).

The main aims of S1-S7 are: 1) making sure our pupils are fluent in reciting the Quran (with proper Makharij and Tajweed), 2) memorising as much of the Quran as they can, 3) having a good understanding of what they are reading while reciting the Quran in Arabic, 4) having a good enough level of Arabic to join GCSE Arabic class, 5) have a very solid base of Islamic knowledge to function as good Muslims all through their lives, 6) becoming a knowledgeable and responsible future leader and an asset to the society they are living in.