S1-S7 (5-12 years old; Monday – Friday 4-6pm)


  • Reading, writing, and speaking in Fusha.
  • Learning the vocabulary that makes up 50% of the words in the Holy Quran.
  • Islamic expressions and year-to-year building on the following subjects until pre-GCSE Arabic level: About Me, My Family, My Job, At Home, My Hobbies, What Does He Look Like?, My Town, At School, Transport, Clothes and Food.


  • Recitation with the proper Makharij.
  • Tajweed rules and applying them.
  • Memorization of minimum Juzz Amma, Juz 29, Juz 28 + Surahs Yasin, Sajda and Rahman.

Islamic Studies: Complete S1-7 of the FLA Islamic Studies Curriculum with year-to-year building on the following subjects:

  • Who Am I?
  • 99 Names of Allah.
  • Pillars of Iman.
  • Pillars of Islam.
  • Everyday Duas and Adhkar.
  • Seerah.
  • Prophet Stories.
  • Islamic Akhlaq and Adab.
  • Islamic History.
  • Modesty and other Fiqh issues.
  • Islam and Contemporary Issues.

Life Skills: Complete S1-7 of the FLA Life Skills Curriculum, which is specially designed to help our pupils apply Islam in their everyday lives and is divided into 4 main topics:

  • 1) Health and Wellbeing (healthy eating, anti-bullying, self-defence, healthy cooking.)
  • 2) Charity (learning all about charity in Islam and participating in many charitable projects.)
  • 3) Earth Friendly Life (consumption, energy efficiency, up-cycling, growing organic.)
  • 4) Confidence (swimming, cycling up to Level 3.)

The main aims of S1-S7 is to provide our students with:

  • fluency in reciting the Quran (with proper Makharij and Tajweed),
  • familiarity with as much of the Quran as they can memorise,
  • a good understanding of what they are reading while reciting the Quran in Arabic,
  • a good enough level of Arabic to join GCSE Arabic class,
  • a very solid base of Islamic knowledge to function as good Muslims all through their lives,

And, as always, to ensure they are becoming a knowledgeable and responsible future leader and an asset to the society they are living in.