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IQRA – First Steps Towards Loving Quran, is a book especially compiled for Quranic reading, Level 1 (Stage 1 in FLA). Children starting their learning journey with IQRA Book should already confidently know the Arabic letters and be ready to start reading words by adding Harakat to the learned letters. Through IQRA Book children will be taught Uthmani script and Hafs recitation.

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IQRA Book will take its pupils through learning the Harakat, Tanween, different Madds, Leen letters etc. Children who have finished IQRA Book will be able to take the next step and start reading from a Mushaf.
IQRA Book is unique in its genre as it teaches children via visual, auditive as well as kinaesthetic methods. The book itself has reading and writing exercises, but every reading page in IQRA Book has a support material from a professional Tajweed teacher. The material can be found linked to FLA website and on our YouTube channel and is developed to become a useful tool for our Stage 1 and Stage 2 pupils as well as their parents; to help make pre-Quran learning more flexible and offer extra support at home (especially for the parents whose Arabic or Tajweed are not good enough to help their children), so that our pupils could get the full benefit of school as well as home learning. Children are meant to listen, follow (on the page) and repeat after the audio teacher in order to adopt the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters, words and phrases in the IQRA Book.
As most young children are kinaesthetic learners, we have developed a sign system for the teachers, children and parents to follow in order to further facilitate the understanding and learning of the Harakat, which can be quite tricky for young children in the beginning, with using finger movement. For further information please check the video called How to help your child with Harakat on our Youtube channel.
The words used in IQRA Book to teach children reading represent 50% of the Quranic vocabulary, the vocabulary from Juz Amma and other frequently used words in the Quran. This will further facilitate our pupils’ memorisation as well as recitation once they will be ready to read independently from the Mushaf.
We hope you have a fun experience with IQRA Book and will soon be able to read from the Mushaf inshaAllah.

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